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Author Malachi Walker THE BOOMERANG EFFECT

Malachi Walker lives in Dallas, TX. He is a 13-year old author, speaker, and entrepreneur who is passionate about personal growth, helping others achieve their goals, and serving God with his gifts and talents. He brings an electric atmosphere to his stages and has a unique ability to connect with his audience, both young and old.

After being sidelined with a potentially career-ending condition, Malachi made a choice that changed his life forever. From that choice, THE BOOMERANG EFFECT was born. This kid lives life with a purpose-driven enthusiasm like none other. As a seventh grade homeschooler, Malachi is a dedicated and disciplined student who enjoys football and loves playing for his Select soccer team. He also enjoys spending time with his family, leading at his church, and creating motivational content for his fans, “The MalaCrew”.

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Malachi says, “I didn’t grow up thinking I was going to write a book, be an entrepreneur, or a YouTuber. My main goal was to become the best soccer player on earth. But some unexpected things came up in my life and those things changed the plan. I had to find a new focus or I felt like I was going to self-destruct….

 The Boomerang Effect is My Strategy that helps readers Shatter Their Glass Ceiling!”


Author Malachi Walker The Boomerang Effect Book Beyond Publishing

Author Malachi Walker The Boomerang Effect

His recent in the news story 6.26.18 written by Dallas Author PR Firm.