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November 4, 2014 Michael D. Butler

Become a Best Selling Author in the Digital Age Part 2

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2. Brand Your Face

Having a close up, current photograph/profile picture will serve you well in the long run. You may love your dog, your grandkids or your automobile, but people want to connect with you the author and this is why a photo of your face is preferable to one of your pet. People buy from us when they know us, like us and trust us and nothing helps that happen faster than a current profile picture that is consistent across all social media channels. With the majority of social media being done from smart phones it is so important to make it easy for people to recognize you by using a consistent, easy-to-see and easy-to-share photo of your face. Use the same photo on Facebook, Twitter,

Instagram, Pinterest, your blog/Website, Linked-in, YouTube and all other social media channels.

3. Tell a Compelling Story

We all want our stories to go viral. For them to go viral they must be compelling, authentic and relatable. “He or she who tells the best story wins.” We all know that being a better writer does not necessarily help you sell more books. But telling a better story WILL help you be remembered and will help you leverage your way to ‘best-seller’ faster. Facts tell but stories sell and to make the biggest impact an author must learn how to tell the best stories.

As a public speaker who has delivered nearly two thousand keynotes and workshops,

90% of the time I tell the story of me stuttering as a kid. I tell this to connect myself with my audience in a way that hopefully fosters authenticity, trust and connection.

Many times I tell my story about being a single dad of four sons, of being a marathoner or of my son overcoming cancer and having a bone marrow transplant and how his courage and faith inspired thousands. Stories endear us to our audience, make us more human and create an emotional bond that makes our customers trust us and want to buy from us.

Decide what stories fit in your overall social media ‘story’ and weave them in with testimonials, FAQ’s, valuable content and educating your customers. For example, if you’re a financial advisor and you write about how to save, choose investments and minimize risk, tell us stories about clients you’ve helped, but also tell us WHY you got into the business of helping people save for retirement. Many times when an audience or individual hears your ‘WHY’ it’s just the thing they need to cement that relationship for life! So, tell your story, tell it early, often and with passion. It will create a lifetime of aving fans ready for book #2, book #3 and book #4 from you!

4. Leverage Your Keywords Across Multiple Social Media Channels

The Internet gives us the opportunity to connect with potential joint venture partners by leveraging keywords Online. For example, if I’m a self-help author it is very beneficial for me to connect with other self-help authors on social media. This will not hurt my book sales. This will allow others who are following them to find me and it adds value to us both.

We’ve seen it happen again and again in every genre of books, authors who are not hreatened by ‘competition’ end up winning in the long run. We’ve even seen two of our authors land movie deals as a result of leveraging their keywords on social media platforms and getting others to talk about them. This ‘third party’ credibility caused a production company to take notice and take action!

There are a number of free and fee-based tools to help authors find potential joint venture partners Online and sell more books. Hootsuite.com and ManageFlitter.com are wo of my favorites. A Google search or a search on Mashable.com will show the latest and most reputable tools for managing your brand Online.

Experienced authors who are getting royalty checks should consider outsourcing part of all of their social media to a qualified agency. It is more affordable than many authors realize and it can free up more time for the author to do what they are good at and what produces the most income – write more books. Outsourcing one’s social media does not make it less personable. Any qualified agency will take the necessary time to get to know the core message of the author and insure that the message, content and personality of the writer comes through in all Online interactions.

5. Get Others to Talk About You and Your Books

Third party validation is so powerful when it comes to Online buying. This is why creating a relationship with potential joint venture partners is huge. An author who only talks about himself or herself will lose followers, but those who brag on others will find that others naturally want to brag on them too. ‘Go-Givers Gain’ when it comes to broadcasting Online.

By using what we recommend as our 25% Rule of Engagement™ where only 25% of the time you talk about yourself and the other 75% you talk about: Industry News and Facts, Humor and FAQ’s and quote experts in your niche, you will find those same experts, soon esteem you as colleague and begin sharing your stuff freely. One sure-fire way to ensure others won’t keep talking about you is by ignoring or not replying to FAQ’s and Online sharing. Utilize free monitoring software to track when others are talking about you and your book Online, so you can thank them and return the favor.

6. Have a Winning Content Creation Strategy that Includes Video

The fastest way for your content to go ‘viral’ is to have it on video. Since Google owns YouTube and 75% of search results are based on video content, you will be miles ahead of others in your field if you focus on video marketing for the next 5 years. Make your content shareable. If you want people to share your content – Make it shareable. Use social media buttons like http://wordpress.org/plugins/addthis/ If you’re following our 25% Rule of Engagement ™ formula we mentioned above you can feel confident in asking people to Re-Tweet and share your content across all their social media channels. Finally, this brings me to the important point of:

7. Re-purpose Your Content

There is nothing lazy about re-purposing content; it is smart! Content is king on the Internet and to get found you must have new and fresh content on a weekly basis written for humans and search engines to get found, indexed and shared.

Growing up on the farm, I loved eating mom’s cooking. She always made something delicious, nutritious and enjoyable but only used the same four food groups over and over, and many times mixed a new dish with leftovers from the day before. For example, everyone of these numbered points in this book chapter were a YouTube video, a blog post, a series of Tweets, Facebook posts and Google+ posts. The easies way, in my opinion, to create content is to shoot a weekly video from some of our FAQ’s we get from our clients. I then type up the manuscript (text) from the video…And then post this text along with the video on my YouTube channel and my blog.

Now I have a Search Engine Optimized piece of valuable content that will drive traffic to me based on what we do for authors and I make it shareable using: http://wordpress.org/plugins/addthis/ and Tweet it, Facebook it, post it on Google+ Pinterest, and the social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumble Upon, Digg and Delicious.


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