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On the heels of a recent Disney Commercial, is embarking on a whirlwind Fall Best-Seller Book Tour promoting BE AMAZING! __title__ Best-Seller Book tour promoting BE Amazing Book Beyond Publishing John John A Guide to Becoming the Best Version of Yourself. John John will be appearing on stage with Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, Al Pacino, JT Foxx, Sylvester Stallone, Gene Simmons, Christie Brinkley, Steve Wozniak, Nido Qubein, Bret Michaels, Hugh Hilton, Charlie Sheen, Les Brown, Bernard Hiller Eric Stoller Omar Periu and other celebrities.


His IMDB page is stacking up with the latest projects and events, including an appearance in Reba McEntire’s music video Pray for Peace, and the movies Turtle Tale, Elixir Mandragora , Swift Justice, Sweet Tooth, and Joel D. Wynkoop’s Nekoda and of course his most recent role as young Caleb on Bobcat Goldthwait’s TruTV series Misfits and Monsters
Book endorsements from celebrities have come in for BE AMAZING from NFL Players, Major League Baseball players celebrity speakers and coaches like Les Brown and JT Foxx and Emmy Winning Award-Winning TV Host Steve Spangler who’s been a frequent guest on The Ellen Show. He can be seen tweeting “the importance of keeping our beaches clean,” after a meeting and photo opportunity with Bill Nye the Science Guy and his YouTube channel started to help kids is pushing one million views.

From an early age John John has always wanted to do things to help others. He says in BE AMAZING, “One day I was at an event with a whole bunch of kids having fun. There were two kids who were VERY SHY and NOT playing, or riding the ponies, or even petting the baby animals. I asked my mom, “Why are these kids so shy? She told me “Oh Sweetie, those kids are not shy. They just don’t know how to ride a pony, or how to hold the animals so they were afraid to try new things and their parents are afraid they might get hurt.”

Right then, John John took action, “It made me MAD that FEAR had robbed us of being able to play and have FUN! So I decided to make a YouTube series called “How Do You Do It?” Then, people could watch my videos and learn how to do something, and they would not be afraid and could have more FUN!!”

And watch it they did, his YouTube channel is pushing one million views. With his “How to Ride a Pony” at nearly
400,000 views alone.

John John’s mom Nicole Humphreys says, “John John wanted to take all of his friends and the kids he’s met to the petting zoo, the park and the movies, well the family van is big but not that big,” so John John’s YouTube channel was born and the momentum has been picking up ever since.

Zig zagging the Florida highways on auditions and speaking events is nothing new for Nicole Humphreys but the family caravan is about to step up their game for the BE AMAZING Best-Seller Tour, with cross country media interviews, speaking gigs and endorsement deals from New York to Los Angeles.

“My idea for the book evolved from the success of my YouTube channel. I thought there are so many amazing people on this planet and there is no way I can meet them all, why not write a book so I can connect with them there and online? I’ve learned so many things in my short life from so many amazing people I wanted to put it in my first book and BE AMAZING- A Guide to Becoming the Best Version of Yourself was born,” said John John.

BE AMAZING is filled with amazing quotes, stories and solutions to help readers, young and old alike to overcome fear and face the world with confidence. “If you are looking for a way to be inspired to do your very best, then this book is a great place to start. Be Amazing is a simple yet powerful tool to train the brain and attitude to turbocharge your success journey. Les & Ona Brown “The 1st Family Of Motivation”

John John has always had a thirst for knowledge, since age two he’s always reading. He prefers to donate his time visiting children in the hospital. John John also makes appearances at local shelters for abused children. An avid reader with a voracious appetite for learning, he still finds time for the occasional video game.

Inspired by Author Rick Riordan author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians John John, who spends a decent amount of time practicing magic at the Magic Emporium in Carrollwood, seems to be a natural at everything he tries. As far as his science skills, he plans to be an astronaut when he grows up. He’s even met a couple of space shuttle astronauts who were amazed at his knowledge of rocket science.

Going by the stage name “Amazing John John,” he is a favorite with older people in local hospitals. He can make a ball appear and disappear, does tricks involving candy, card tricks – just about anything short of making himself disappear.
“There are people that are not as lucky as me,” John John said. “If I can help them and talk with them and make them happy with magic or anything else, that’s fun for me.”

Releasing his new book BE AMAZING – A Guide to Becoming the Best Version of Yourself on the fifth anniversary of the passing of one of his favorite mentors of all time, Zig Ziegler, John John is sending a signed copy of BE AMAZING to Tom, Zig’s son to honor Mr. Ziglar.

BE AMAZING the E-Book officially releases November 29th and the perfect bound and hardcover with dust jacket will be available for order at that time also. The [E-book is currently available for pre-order on Amazon for $0.99 cents __title__] as John John’s way of giving back to his friends and fans. It will only be at that low introductory price for a short time.
John John’s schedule is filling up and here’s what’s on the BE AMAZING Book Tour Calendar:

October 18th New York City You’ve Got To Be Hungry Tour 2.0*

Oct 26 – 29th Deerfield Beach, FL Live Certification Les Brown & Family

Nov 4th Cape Canaveral Hanging with the Astronauts Kennedy Space Center

Nov 5 (Miami) Speaking Event

Nov 15 Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA

Nov 16-21 Mega Speaker Anaheim, CA**
Beyond Publishing Interview, Photo Opp Los Angeles, CA


His latest speaking events, media appearances and book signing locations can be seen at [ __title__]

* You’ve Got To Be Hungry Tour 2.0 Get ready to transform your life and business with the Legendary Master Speaker, Mr. Les Brown, featuring a dynamic lineup of the most influential leaders in business today like Bernard Hiller Acting and Success Studio Eric Stoller and Omar Periu serving as a catalyst for savvy marketers, businesses, and entrepreneurs around the world to easily build the strategies, relationships, and expertise they need to rapidly accelerate business growth. Les Brown’s “You Gotta Be Hungry: 2.0”, will bring hundreds of innovative business owners, industry thought leaders, and key influencers together under one roof this fall in New York City.

** Mega Success is the flagship yearly event of serial entrepreneur, World’s #1 Wealth Coach and author of the book Millionaire Underdog, JT Foxx. The event attracts startups, entrepreneurs, property investors, passive income investors, celebrities, millionaires and even billionaires from over 71 countries. The theme of this year’s event is “Grow Your Business Alongside 2500 Millionaires, Billionaires, Celebrities, Investors and Startups from 71 Different Countries”, but will cover an extensive number of other topics as well. Mega Success (formerly known as Family Reunion) has become known as one of the greatest events that is offered, where people can network and meet other amazing and diverse individuals while also being able to gain valuable ideas and insights to help themselves and their businesses to grow to new heights. You will not believe how much you will learn and take away from Mega Success, such as knowing how to properly brand yourself and your business, learning the most innovative and up-to-date marketing strategies to increase your conversions, and so much more!

This is the one event that brings JT Foxx’s most elite clientele from 71 different countries together in one place to learn, network, connect, and do business with one another. Some bring money to invest, some come to invest in particular countries, and others bring ideas. At Mega Success, the opportunities are endless.

What Others Are Saying About Amazing John John
Beyond Publishing CEO, Michael D. Butler says, “We are very excited about BE AMAZING and are getting great feedback from book distributors globally who want to carry BE AMAZING in their countries. We will feature updates on [ __title__]t and our or Fan-page [ __title__] with all the latest news.

“If you are looking for a way to be inspired to do your very best, then this book is a great place to start. Be Amazing is a simple yet powerful tool to train the brain and attitude to turbo-charge your success journey…By using his method, John John has been able to develop a budding career as a motivational speaker, actor, educator, and magician.”

Les & Ona Brown
“The 1st Family Of Motivation”

“Scientists need to find a way to clone John John & his ideas for how to Be Amazing. As someone who has spent his career inspiring students, educators & even business owners on ways to be amazing, I’m excited about the impact & influence this book will have on a generation filled with unlimited potential & boundless opportunities. A word of warning… Don’t be fooled by the youthfulness of the author. This is a book for anyone who wants to stretch their limits and discover new insights that will change their lives forever.”

Steve Spangler
Science Influencer
Hall of Fame Speaker
Emmy-Award Winning TV Host

“It takes a lot of focus, discipline, and hard work to thrive in the NFL for 6 years. This book is filled with ancient wisdom and practical solutions, some of which I used to succeed in professional sports. You’d be wise to learn the lessons in BE AMAZING!”

Frank D. Murphy, Wide Receiver (6 years NFL) Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins
Author & National Motivational Speaker

“They say publishing your book makes you “The Expert” Amazing John John shows he is one by writing BE AMAZING! 5 Stars John John! A rare treat to get such wisdom from an 8 year old boy.
This is one of those books you want to have on your nightstand, in your car, taped to the bathroom mirror. It’s your morning shot of caffeine to keep you ahead of your day! BE AMAZING lives up to it’s name!”

Gerry Robert, Bestselling Author
Publish A Book And Grow Rich

About “Amazing John John” Humphreys
John R.F. Humphreys (John John) is a motivator, educator, actor, model, science kid, magician, pianist, singer, and all around happy Earthling. He is the pebble that starts the ripple that makes the wave!
John John is making his mark as the youngest motivational speaker. He loves to learn new things and share that information with others.

Now 9 years old, John John is touring the country and sharing the stage with celebrities, delivering his message to help inspire people to be amazing!

At eight years old, John John partnered with Mr. Les Brown an international motivational speaker who has been named one of the top five speakers in the world. John Humphreys is a founding member of the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team. He helps to encourage positive transformation, by inspiring and motivating audiences.

John John recently has been involved with his speaking and acting career. He has been performing on stage with many amazing people like Mr. Les Brown, Miss Ona Brown, Mr. Omar Periu, NFL players like Frank Murphy, Seneca McMillan, Ron Dixon, Michael Coe, and Lee Paige. Some of his recent video and movie credits include Reba McEntire’s music video Pray for Peace, the movies Turtle Tale, Elixir Mandragora , Swift Justice, Sweet Tooth, Joel D. Wynkoop’s Nekoda and Bobcat Goldthwait’s TruTV series Misfits and Monsters

It is said that you have to get out of your comfort box to be able to change, grow, and reach new heights. John John says “You have to get so far out of your box that you do not even know where the box is.”

John John wants to help to transform people’s lives for the better, help people conquer their fears, and reach their goals. He has written his first book called BE AMAZING! A Guide to Becoming the Best Version of Yourself.
He loves to have fun and feels it is important to work together, help people, and keep our beaches clean. It only takes one person’s actions to start something, but with lots of good people, working toward a common goal, anything can be accomplished!

It is hard for everyone to get together and have a play date packed with fun activities. So, John John asks, “What if I do the activities and video it. Then people can see how much fun learning can be?” Hopefully people will be encouraged to try new things, learn something new, and have fun doing it! There are fun clips, educational information, and entertaining videos! So please subscribe to JohnJohnsVideos on YouTube to stay up to date with new videos. You can also like the Amazing John John Fan Page on Facebook and follow him on Twitter is [@AmazingJohnJohn __title__ ] and so is his Instagram [@AmazingJohnJohn __title__ ] and his website is [ __title__]

John John is available for media interviews in New York City October 16-20, 2017.

Agent info:
Catalyst Talent, Randell Edwards, Agent
Atlanta, Georgia
678-782-0120 . 678-982-8271

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