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October 30, 2016 Michael D. Butler

Book Selling Tip Helps Authors Generate 20% More Revenue in Book Sales

Authors who want to reach Best Seller Status can sell more books by following sound practical business advice. Someone once said, “Success leaves clues.”

It’s no secret that the book selling system protocols of yester year no longer work today. But there are some tried and true rock solid tips that will give the new and veteran author the market traction they need to reach Best Seller Status.

At the end of the day it comes down to getting others talking about your book.

It’s not enough for the author alone to be talking about their book.

It is necessary to get other readers and particularly influencers talking about your topic, your book and your platform as a new author.

In this video I talk about the power of leveraging the Acknowledgments page in your book. While going though the acknowledgments page in my personal book shelf I have noticed a decline in the amount of gratitude over the past several years and how the acknowledgments pages have actually been shrinking or don’t even exist in many of the newer books that are being published and self published.

It will benefit the author greatly to include this section as a complete stand alone space just like giving it it’s own chapter and respect and space.

  • By including people’s names and even short descriptions of how they have helped you, inspired you and coached you in life will not only honor those who have helped you along your path but can actually boost book sales.
  • Everyone likes to see their name in print right? This is a great way to get others talking good about you. For example, if you plan to release your e-book prior to the print book you an actually leverage everyone you mention in your acknowledgement page as a book sale.
  • By purchasing for them a gift copy of your e-book (we do it for .99 cents during our Amazon Best Seller campaign that typically lasts 72 hours) When they open their email and download the e-book from you it counts as a book sale.

So for example, you mention 200 people you want to thank for their contribution in your life and you send them a quick email and let them know you are gifting them an E-copy of your book and you mention them on page 4. When they download the book, that counts as a sale for you and puts you on track to become a #1 International Best Selling Author on Amazon.

HAVE A BUSINESS PLAN BEYOND THE BOOK. Learn to LEVERAGE the book into other businesses.

Michael D. Butler America’s Book Launch Expert™ | Author | Publisher




Author-Book Publisher Michael D. Butler in the News promoting one of his Human Trafficking Authors

About Michael D. Butler

America’s Book Launch Expert™ | Author | Publisher – BEYONDPUBLISHING.net

We help people publish their books and E-books.

We help authors and speakers sell more books so they can charge more for speaking and consulting.

A marathoner, prolific reader and single father of 4 sons.

As seen on Fox news Michael has been called a Book Launch Expert™ by Brian Tracy and his clients have been seen on Fox News, CNN, Dr. Phil, Fox Business, Inc 500, Garnered 2 Movie Deals, Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle and many more.

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His Book Single Dads Survival Guide already a #1 Best Seller and his new book Best Seller Status™ Becoming a Best-Selling Author in the Digital Age can be pre-ordered for $0.99 cents. Michael can be reached at (Michael@BEYONDPUBLISHING.net)

Best Seller Status™ Becoming a Best-Selling Author in the Digital Age by Best-Selling Author Michael D. Butler

Best Seller Status™ Becoming a Best-Selling Author in the Digital Age by Best-Selling Author Michael D. Butler

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