Cornell Graduate, Taylor Scott, Launches Highly Acclaimed New Book, Ballgames To Boardrooms: Leadership, Business & Life Lessons From Our Coaches We Never Knew We Needed

In Ballgames To Boardrooms, Author Taylor Scott Offers Timeless Truths With Personal Applications For Millennials, Gen X-ers, and even Baby Boomers, On Obtaining Career Satisfaction In the Workplace For Employees And Managers. Los Angeles Publisher, Beyond Publishing Is Making Ballgames To Boardrooms Available Online And Everywhere August 15th In Business And Economics, Hospitality, Travel And Tourism, Mentoring And Coaching, Self-Help And Communication And Social Skills Categories.

In Ballgames To Boardrooms the reader will feel encouraged as they discover refreshing perspective for transforming their frustrating world at work into something more exciting and fulfilling.
Using an ongoing sports metaphor, the author ties in the team work and skills learned from our coaches, and he applies it to achieving satisfaction and fulfillment in one’s career as an employee, manager, and especially those aspiring to become a manager or an executive one day.
Author, Taylor Scott, shows that employees can have a level of satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy in their corporate world and experience the professional life they’ve always wanted.
With each page, all 188 pages, the reader will be encouraged to grow professionally and personally, becoming a more mature, happy person who looks forward to every day rather than dreading it. Being able to see meaning and purpose in our work requires looking beyond what Taylor calls the “Corporate Corporateness” as he unpacks the lessons from coaches readers never knew they needed in order to experience a greater sense of meaning, fulfillment and faith in the midst of their corporate grind.
The author asks, “Remember that childhood faith when you’d go out and play your sport with reckless abandon? How different that is now from today’s corporate world of worry, doubt, anxiety and feelings of inferiority every day when you go to work. You don’t have to feel lost anymore. You can have a level of satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy in your corporate world and experience the professional life you always wanted.”
The game-changing mindset from Taylor Scott is to simply do the following, as he sums up the five parts to the inspirational book, “So, practice the future today. “Play” (work) hard, listen to your own coaches, have fun, and unleash compassion. You‘ll transform your boring job into meaningful work, fulfillment, inevitable success, and most importantly, you‘ll enjoy the ride.”
Inside the pages of Ballgames To Boardrooms Mr. Scott breaks it down like this:

Part One – Practice the Future Today
Part Two – Listen to Coaches
Part Three – Play (Work) Hard
Part Four – Have Fun
Part Five – Unleash Compassion – Make the Extra Pass

The initial feedback and endorsements for Ballgames To Boardrooms has been rock solid including a moving Foreword, written by Mark Sanborn – NY Times Bestselling Author of The Fred Factor says, “Read this book for new ideas to make you a better leader.”

“Picking up Ballgames to Boardrooms is entering into a personal conversation with Taylor. He connects sports to real life, focusing on the corporate setting as a big part of life. The well-reasoned and well-articulated advice provides the sort of coaching we all need to be the sort of team players, coach, partner, friend, and person we sometimes lose sight of who we want to strive to be. Practical advice, and applicable wisdom, providing a guide to self-reflection to help you build your own potential. A book worth reading, and advice worth taking.” – Dr. Michael Struman, The Kenneth and Marjorie Blanchard Professor of Human Resources – Cornell University.

“Taylor Scott has blended faith, sports, entertaining stories, and uncommon wisdom to create a book that not only points the way for you to be more successful in life, you will become a better, happier, and more fulfilled person in the process.” – Mark Youngblood, CEO of Inner Mastery, Inc. and author of Dear Human, Master Your Emotions
“Ballgames to Boardrooms is a playbook for true professionals. It encourages readers to find their passion, believe in it, and never lose sight of the bigger picture.” – Jennifer Ridgley, Senior Director of Communications – Pittsburgh Penguins

“Taylor Scott has brilliantly packaged a way forward for Millennials and leaders of Millennials to not only coexist in Corporate America, but to also transform menial jobs into meaningful work. If you loved playing sports as a kid or even as an adult, but find yourself stuck in a career hamster wheel, this book is for you. Prepare to reignite the child-like faith you had back then, realizing actionable steps toward new realms of happiness and success today.” – Eric Chester – Bestselling Author of On Fire At Work: How Great Companies Ignite Passion in Their People Without Burning Them Out, Award Winning Keynote Speaker, and the Founder of the Center for Work Ethic Development.
“It’s no surprise to me that Taylor wrote a book to share his own journey and a series of inspirational experiences that shaped his success. He has a “can do” attitude and continuous improvement mindset. Taylor recognizes that the most gifted leaders know when to follow, and that our best teachers are at the same time curious students, always learning and passing the knowledge along by paying it forward. Consider his first book as a solid primer, a tool kit of simple but effective lessons to sharpen your game.” – Randy A. Garfield, Former President Walt Disney Travel Company and Executive Vice President Worldwide Sales and Travel Operations, Disney Destinations

“Combining powerful words of wisdom from his own life coaches with poignant moments from a career shaped by lessons learned from sports, Ballgames to Boardrooms is Taylor‘s personal guide to leading one‘s self, and one‘s teammates, to a richly-lived life. This is a book you want to read and then share with those on your team – both players and coaches. Double thumbs-up for this first effort by a young author with a lifetime of great ideas to share.” – Dr. Larry Ross, Bill & Anne France Distinguished Professor of Business – Florida Southern College

Beyond Publishing CEO, Michael D. Butler says, “We are very excited about Ballgames To Boardrooms and are getting great feedback from book distributors globally who want to carry it in their countries. As a way of introducing Taylor’s book to the market we are offering the E-Book. For the first 72 hours on Amazon for just $0.99 cents. All 188 pages of Ballgames To Boardrooms will be available as Taylor’s way of saying thank you for everyone’s support. He’s a giver, for sure, and readers will soon find that out when they read this book. August 16th is his Birthday, and he wants to gift it to new friends for only $0.99, so they can check it out and share it with their friends who might need a little encouragement or refreshing inspiration.” LINK:

About Taylor Scott
Taylor’s passion for leadership began at a young age, growing up in Kentucky as a Point Guard on his high school basketball team. He learned the power of influence and persuasion, which all leaders require. Even though most people are good they don’t realize how good they can be.

He says, “As a leader in the Hospitality Industry, author, blogger, and speaker, my passion is in Leadership Development, Teamwork, and Personal Growth based on over fifteen years leading teams in various lines of business including Resort Operations, Travel Industry Sales, Loyalty Marketing, and Vacation Ownership.”

Like you, Taylor’s career has been up and down, filled with many peaks and valleys. Having worked through the effects of September 11th in 2001 and the economic crisis in 2008 and 2009, Taylor has stories of being hired, fired, and coached, praised, and celebrated over the years. He’s learned how to navigate through the good, bad, and in between of what he calls, “Corporate Corporateness” to achieve fulfillment at work and at home.

While he loves sports, hotels, resorts, and hospitality leadership, his true passion is writing, speaking, encouraging, and inspiring. Drawing on his faith in God and his personal experiences, he writes to connect with people, and reconnect them back to what makes them happy – having fun, being utilized for their special talents, achieving success, and growing into their full potential; both personally and professionally.

Taylor’s worked for notable brands such as Disney Parks and Resorts, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Wynn⎮Encore Las Vegas, Gaylord Hotels and Resorts, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and Disney Vacation Club. He graduated with honors from Florida Southern College, in Lakeland, FL, earning a BS in Business Administration. Later in his career, he earned a Masters of Management in Hospitality from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Taylor currently resides in beautiful Dana Point, California with his wife, Jenna.

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