In this Podcast episode #2 of Peace Train Movie, Executive Producer, Denise O’Brien of DOME Entertainment & CEO of Beyond Publishing, Michael D. Butler Fly to Ashland OR Podcast 2

On the flight Michael asks Denise, “What inspired you most about The Peace Train Movie Project?”


Michael: Hey friends, Michael Butler. I’m here with Denise O’Brien with DOME Entertainment – the Executive Producer of Peace Train Movie, working in conjunction with Reality Productions. We’re flying to Medford, Oregon, and, Denise, “Peace Train,” what was it about, “Peace Train,” that made you want to work with Renée and Reality?
Denise: Wow, well, it was actually Renée, that’s who I love, Renée. She has a magical quality about her. She has a spirituality that attracts everybody. And she attracted me with the project. Because I do believe that we can create peace using media. And my dream is always to use my talents and gifts that God gave me, to help other people. And I find that the opportunity to work on, “Peace Train Movie,” is – for me, it’s a spiritual experience. Because we’re talking about bringing peace. We’re talking about children. I love working with children, and I have three children – I’m the mother of three. So anything I can do to bring peace for the future generations, I’m all about it.”

Michael: We were just sitting here talking about – you posted the other day, back in your days at LMU Film and Journalism school, an interview.

Denise: Yes.

Michael: Then we’re talking about your time at NBC. So you’ve been, you’ve been in the city – you know the city, you’ve done thousands of red carpet events. We’re flying to the big metropolis.

Denise: I haven’t – I haven’t, I haven’t DONE – but I’ve attended thousands of red carpet events. But many, many–

Michael: You know me, always the marketer.

Denise: Yes, thank you. Want to make sure it’s true. Produced hundreds and hundreds of red carpet events.

Michael: Yeah.

Denise: But not thousands, but–

Michael: Ok, we’re going to put that in the fine print down below.

Denise: Okay, alright.

Michael: But I’m so excited to be partnering with you on this. We’re flying to Medford.

Denise: My phone, my phone is ringing when we’re on a plane! Now that’s a new one.

Michael: And the gala red carpet event is tomorrow night in Ashland, Oregon, and–

Denise: Yes.

Michael: And here in a bit, we’re going to be getting off the plane. And it’s going to be a whirlwind three days.

Denise: It is a whirlwind. I’m warm right now. I’m worried about being cold when I get there – I have two jackets on my lap.

Michael: You’re prepared. Renée’s prepared, we’re prepared. Everybody’s coming out for the red carpet event.

Denise: That’s right. We’re so excited to be bringing – I mean, come on – like we’re bringing Hollywood to Medford, Oregon. Well actually, Ashland. I haven’t been there yet, so I don’t know if they’re ready for us. But I had to tone down my attire. I didn’t bring anything too glitzy, and I also didn’t bring any of my really glitzy earrings.

Michael: Yeah, you do like to glam up, don’t you?

Denise: Don’t I look casual/ I mean–

Michael: Very casual. I was surprised, I was surprised.

Denise: This is a new look for me. I didn’t have my sequined hat on, but I wanted to pack it, I really did. But I wanted, I wanted them to welcome us – not be turned off by the Hollywood glitz.

Michael: Yeah.

Denise: So this is a very subdued DOME Entertainment event.

Michael: Well, I’m excited about the trip to Israel. You’re filming in Israel next year.

Denise: Yes.

Michael: What’s the next step with everything?

Denise: Well, gosh – Israel, it’s going to be– I mean, I’ve been watching the news–

Michael: Yeah.

Denise: It’s a crazy life, what we’re doing. But we’re looking at really making the Peace Train movement a worldwide opportunity for people to join in. Not just to be a part of the Peace Train, but to bring – really, truly bring peace. And the way that that happens is – one person at a time. And you – being the expert, and I being the expert in social media – I know that we can make that happen. It’s exciting when 1 plus 1 equals 3. And the synergy of what we’re doing. And I know Renée feels that. She calls us her spark plugs. So hey – spark plug!

We’re going to plug into the world, and create some exciting opportunities for everybody.

Michael: We are. We’re going to ask you to like and share and comment on this video, so other people can find out about the Peace Train movement, as we take off–

Denise: That’s right.

Michael: As we take off from LAX to Israel to Medford–

Denise: Goodbye LA, on the way to Oregon.

Michael: And the world.

Denise: And goodbye palm trees. But we have palm trees tonight! We ordered palm trees, just to– We flew in the palm trees just for the event.

Michael: That’s what I’m talking about.

Denise: Make it happen.

Peace Train Movie is a book, a movie and a movement! Stay tuned for more!