Want to Know How to Get More Verified Reviews on Amazon? I Show You How

Only 65% of the world’s books are purchased through Amazon according to Forbes but that is still a big enough number to smartly utilize their platform.

In this video Michael D. Butler, Best-Selling Author, Publisher and Book Launch Expert shows new and veteran authors HOW to get MORE verified reviews on Amazon without getting slapped and shows what is the tipping point to get Amazon to push your book out to the wold.

On this video we talk about:

  • What makes a review verified?
  • How can I my reviews actually show up on Amazon
  • How can I avoid getting “slapped by Google and Amazon”?
  • What is the MAGIC number for getting Amazon to push my book out to the world?
  • How many book sales on Amazon translate into an Amazon Best-Seller?

Getting Reviews on Amazon is not easy but it is very important if you want Amazon to push you out. I show you how to get them!