Cereal companies spend more on the box then they do the cereal. There is a reason for this.

Since the average self-published author never sales more than 500 books it makes sense to invest in a quality book cover that will appeal to people the author does not know, beyond family and friends. If you are to sell your book beyond family and friends you must invest in a world class book cover. It will pay you richly in the long run.

If your book looks self published you’ll never get it into the bookstores and libraries.

The truth is 76% of books in English are bought and consumed OUTSIDE of the USA.

The top selling countries for books in English are:

  • China

  • Japan

  • India

We get your books distributed globally! Beyond Amazon (Amazon is only 65% of the Worlds’s Book sales according to Forbes.com)

So it is a WISE investment for the new and veteran author to invest in a good edit and a great book cover. If it’s not a great book cover, chances are no one will pick up the book, let alone read it.

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