When it comes to deciding which type of publishing is right for an author it’s important that a new author understand the publishing industry.

The Publishing Industry has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Amazon, the internet and print-on-demand have changed the ways author can get their book to market and to a global audience of readers.

Hybrid Publishing vs. Traditional vs. Self-Publishing Which Type is Best For Each Author to get Global Distribution?

Since 76% of books in English are bought and read outside of the USA it’s important for new authors to realize that if they want global distribution for their book it’s important to get distribution beyond amazon.

According to Forbes, “Amazon is only 55% of the world’s book sales.”

And according to Bowker, “the average self-published author never sales more than 200 books.”

With traditional publishing the author:

  • Gives up their rights
  • Including giving up film and TV rights, etc… 
  • Only gets 7-15% of the royalties
  • Has no creative control over the content or cover
  • Cannot repurpose any of the content they wrote
  • Gets Global Distribution for their book
  • Takes 2-3 years to get to market

With Self-Publishing the author:

  • Does everything themselves
  • Never gets distribution beyond Amazon 
  • Makes 100% of the royalties 
  • On average never sales more than 200 books

With Hybrid Publishing the author:

  • Makes 25-75% of the royalties
  • Owns all film and TV rights, etc…
  • Normally gets to market in 4-12 weeks
  • Gets Global Distribution for their book
  • Can repurpose their content anywhere as the author owns the rights

About Beyond Publishing Global

Beyond Publishing is a full-service hybrid book publisher based in Dallas Texas with offices in Tulsa, OK, Las Vegas Nevada and Los Angeles California.
Publishing books globally in personal development, health, faith, business, fiction, romance and a growing list of best-selling children’s books.

Led by CEO Michael D. Butler, Butler is a Global Speaker | Book Publisher and Media Coach. Butler spoke in 2019 countries last year and supports his authors all over the world at the major book shows of the world in Frankfurt Germany, Guadalajara Mexico, Beijing China, Bologna Italy, New York New York, Dallas Texas and Broken Arrow and Tulsa, Oklahoma Book Publisher and many others.