LA Times Book Festival–New Writers & Best-Sellers

I’ve always had a love for books. I grew up in rural Oklahoma and we only had 3 television channels and those were black and white and the local stations signed off from the network at 11 pm after the news. So I grew up with a love and fascination for books. I was constantly reading.

My library card was always maxed out with 8-10 books in rotation at any one time and the most exciting time of the month was when the school book fair came to town.

Ask me why I’m (Michael D. Butler) so stoked about attending my first LA Times Book Festival.


Ok – I’ll tell you. Launching soon – Becoming a Best Selling Author in the Digital Age

Living in Las Vegas now affords me the opportunity to visit San Diego and Los Angeles frequently for book events.

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Will you be at the LA Times Festival of Books? Hit me if you are! at [918] 955.3227 I will be.

On the Campus of USC in Los Angeles April 12-13 Let’s get you to Best Seller Status!