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[ut_highlight_section image=”https://secureservercdn.net/” margin_bottom=”15″ imagetype=”portrait” imageeffect=”flip” leftboxeffect=”slideInLeft” rightboxeffect=”slideInRight”] [ut_highlight_left title=”E-book Conversion” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-check” color=”#1e73be”] Every author needs their book up in the top Online Bookstores in addition to print plans. [/ut_highlight_left] [ut_highlight_left title=”GhostWriting” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-check” color=”#1e73be”] Ghostwriting can be a perfect solution for the busy professional that wants to create a best selling quality manuscript in a short amount of time. [/ut_highlight_left] [ut_highlight_left title=”Printing & Print on Demand” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-check” color=”#1a7cad”] For authors it’s never been easier to get your book to market. Print on Demand (POD) allows authors the affordability of producing a quality book without warehousing it or personally fulfilling it. [/ut_highlight_left] [ut_highlight_right title=”Global Distribution” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-check” color=”#1e99bf”] We give you the logistical backbone and partnership you need to get your book seen by the most eyeballs, book buyers and book influencers. [/ut_highlight_right] [ut_highlight_right title=”Marketing” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-check” color=”#1f61c4″] When it comes to launching your book, traditional book launch formulas alone no longer work. A strategic combination of Online and offline techniques need to be employed 12 months prior to your book launch to insure the most effective book launch and maximum number of book sales. [/ut_highlight_right] [ut_highlight_right title=”Translation” effect=”undefined” icon=”fa-check” color=”#1f9dc4″] With 6,500 known languages in the world and over 7 billion people, chances are your book could gain wider distribution and and sales with a strategic translation and marketing strategy. [/ut_highlight_right] [/ut_highlight_section]