New Beyond Publishing Book Encourages Readers to Take Action in Their Lives and Get Unstuck Through 20 Life-Changing Questions



In her new book, ’20 Questions: What You Don’t Know Matters’ (Beyond Publishing), author Karen Roberts asks her readers 20 questions that have the power to transform their lives.  By asking themselves these questions, readers can take action in their lives to get from where they are to where they want to be in life and get unstuck.



Life is not about knowing the right answers.  It is entirely about asking the right questions.  The right 20 questions will change your life.  In her new book, 20 Questions: What You Don’t Know Matters (Beyond Publishing), author Karen Roberts poses 20 questions for readers to ask themselves.  The answers have the power to change their lives.


Some of the questions include: How do I grow a good idea?  Is it possible to become a better version of myself?  How much am I willing to give up to get what I don’t have?  How do you love?  Why am I here?


Roberts encourages her readers to break the rules.  She says, “When we break the rules, we break the habits that have come to define us.  Most of us are not willing to break the rules.  We are stuck.  We have not considered what we might be willing to do to break free into our potential.  We are comfortable with being the victim and aren’t willing to risk our way of life.  We do what is expected.”


She reminds readers of the quote by Thatcher Ulrich, “Well-behaved women seldom make history.”  She asks readers what their lives would look like if they took control of it, rather than playing by the rules and coloring in the lines, “The world is there as a creative canvas for you.  Sadly, many of us treat it like a coloring book, instead of a vibrant display of our unique creation.”


Roberts also offers some solid advice on how to live a good life.  Some of her rules for living include: let go of trying to impress others, be a natural giver, laugh at yourself, be happy for the success of others, be passionate about something, and be kind to strangers.


The questions asked by Roberts and the stories she shares leaves readers inspired to take action in their lives and make the changes necessary to get from where they are to where they want to be in life.  For anyone who feels stuck in life and wants to get unstuck, 20 Questions is a must-read.




Karen Roberts


Author Karen Roberts is an author and in-demand inspirational speaker all across the United States. Roberts has been a financial advisor since 1990 and is an expert in understanding women and their relationship with money. Roberts is regularly featured on both radio and TV. Her media appearances include The Daily Buzz and The Balancing Act (Lifetime), where she discussed how women can gain control of their financial lives. She is an acclaimed mentor within the financial services industry and considered a thought leader on financial planning for women.


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