In his third book, ‘QUITTER, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life,’ bestselling author, speaker, and real estate titan Ken Van Liew motivates people who are stuck to finally cut the cord and live the life of their dreams.

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In his third book, bestselling author, speaker, and real estate titan Ken Van Liew urges, “It’s time you QUIT your way to the life of your dreams!”

In Quitter: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, readers will understand how to quit the things that stand between achieving their aspirations and settling for a “good enough” mindset. Readers will learn to welcome the fresh voices that have the power to transform their lives. They only need to do one thing to hear them. Quit.

QUITTER: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, published by Texas-based publisher Beyond Publishing is available everywhere in December in paperback, eBook, and hardcover. QUITTER has already gone #1 on Amazon and is creating a ripple effect in the personal development, recovery, and self-help communities.

Written as fiction, QUITTER tells the story of Jack Monroe, the over-achieving middle-aged entrepreneur who finally learns how to quit the things that have been holding him back. Quitter offers all the elements of big screen fiction and the message: “Change your life from what it has always been to what it ought to be, and get better results in all areas of your life.”   Beyond Publishing CEO Michael D. Butler says, “QUITTER can take the serious Tony Robbins disciple from information consumption to radical transformation.” He adds, “This is why we are so excited about launching QUITTER with Ken Van Liew; the ripple effect will soon become a tsunami!”


“Quitter is a mind-blowing read about the magic of unlearning what you have learned. Bravo,” says Sara Robb, the Amazon best-selling author of FAREWELL.


Real estate titan, author, and speaker Ken Van Liew has been teaching and investing in real estate for decades. He moved to online training throughout the pandemic and is leading the way for diversified real estate investing with his books, courses, and speaking.


Van Liew is founder and CEO of Global Real Estate Strategies. He is known for his passion for helping people thrive in business and life. He is also the author of Modern Wealth Building Formula: How to Master Real Estate Investing, DIRT: Work Hard, Play Harder, and LEAP – Life Begins at 60 : 10 Leaps to Growing Young Again, all published by Beyond Publishing.


Van Liew is available for speaking and media interviews and can be reached at

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