As we move from November into December, we at Peace Train Movie are happy to introduce the theme, message and mission of “Peace Train, A Love Story.”

In our first podcast, Executive Producer Denise O’Brien introduces: Writer, Director & Producer Renée Mollan-Masters in Ashland, Oregon, where she wrote the book manuscript and created the movie screenplay.


Denise: Hi everyone, it’s Denise O’Brien with DOME Entertainment. I have the honor and the privilege to be here today in the home of author, Renée Mollan-Masters, the author of the beautiful new story coming out, “Peace Train, A Love Story.”

And what I love about the love story is that, within the movie and the book, is an opportunity for forgiveness, for understanding – and there’s actually a tool that you’ve created in the book that I do believe has the possibility of really bringing more peace to the world within families. And it’s called a Friendship Pod. And I would love for you to share with our audience today a little bit about the friendship pod and how it came about. Please give us just a brief description of how it works. What’s the magic behind the Friendship Pod?

Renée: Well, the Friendship Pod is, is something that – it’s not anything new, – but it’s very effective. It’s where 2 or 6 people sit with one another, and everybody gets two minutes to share what’s important to them. And there can be no cross-talking. So it goes around the circle. And what happens when that occurs – when somebody actually gets to share what’s important, and people will listen and receive it – a connection takes place.

And if – after that Friendship Pod is done, and all these connections are made – if that group will stand up and go do something different, like have a treat or whatever, but not talk about what happened in the pod, any problem that was happening, any disconnect that was happening with the people that were in the pod – it will evaporate. And you may say, “Well how could that be? They didn’t discuss the problem, they didn’t come to a resolution.” No. And they didn’t use their heads to do it.

What I believe happens, is that when you’re in a Friendship Pod and you literally listen to the person talk about what’s important to them – a connection is made. And that connection is love. For a better word, or God. And when that energy is present – whatever angst exists between these two people, it will be resolved – and everybody will experience the resolution as a win. So it’s a win-win proposition.

Denise: You heard it here, a win-win proposition from Renée Mollan-Masters, the author of, “Peace Train, A Love Story.”