Highlights from Peace Train Team first film production meeting with Writer, Director & Producer Renée Mollan-Masters in Hollywood. This event was hosted at the private home and recording studio of Academy Award-Winning Composer, Yuval Ron. Yuval is the selected composer for the Peace Train Movie.



Renee: Great to meet everybody all in like 5 minutes.

I have, this is like–

This is like–

It’s like surreal.

Denise: It’s like, she said – when she got off the plane, she’s like, “I’m floating, I’m floating, take your time.”

Yuval: What do you think?

Renee: Very nice.

And it was kinda cool, huh?

Renee: Oh I love that.

Yuval: I got so much feedback, so many emails, and so many messages. And everything it’s…over the top. How people enjoy it, and how beautiful it was. But it was one comment that I sent to everybody. And it was from a French record producer, and he was also producer for NPR in the past. And he travelled the world. He’s a writer. His name is …………. And he wrote that he – beyond the music, he was so moved to see an Israeli and Arabic singers together —


2 women sitting there.

Denise: It gives me the chills.

Yuval: And he wrote how – not only they sang together, they listened to each other.

Renee: Oh.

Yuval: They respected each other. They were working together.

Denise: Wow.

Yuval: And that was so moving.

Renee: Wow.

Yuval: And he said it was an opening of the heart.

Renee: Yeah.

Yuval: And the whole audience felt–

Renee: Yeah, yeah.

Yuval: So inspired by that. So this is the image of the album, “Unity of the Heart,” In Arabic. It’s 10 new songs. Some of them are in Arabic, some of them are in Hebrew.

Zara: My name’s Zara,

Denise: come and have some tea, this is Renée.

Renee: Hi Zara. Thank you for all your good work. You’ve really been great.

Yuval: Who are all our friends here, and how they are connected to–?

Renee: I will explain.

Yuval: The project?

Renee: I will explain. Well, about 2 years ago, I started writing the book. And I really only wrote the book because I wanted to do a film. So then, as I was writing the book, I got a software program for writing screenplays. And what I found out is I liked writing the screenplay more than the book. So I let editors fix the book. And a year ago – right now, today – I know exactly where I was. I just had gotten home from Houston, where I had taken a possibilities workshop. And I had a film. I didn’t know how to do it. And in March – I set a date of February 15th, I was going to start filming my film – a year, like 2018, I was going to start filming my film. The minute I made that commitment, Denise came into my life – magically. Then Craig came into my life.

Yuval: Yes, yes.

Renee: Magically. And Denise is the Executive Producer.

Yuval: Right.

Renee: And Craig and I are going to Co-direct it. And then Denise brought in Peter, and Peter was the one that helped us figure out how much money we were getting from the investors. And I thought, “I’ve got to get a music person.” So I kept Googling Israeli music people. Couldn’t get any hits. Then one day, I thought, “I’ll just do a Palestinian–” I did, and you came up — top, number one. So, and that’s how you got in here.

Craig: I remember actually the day that you, I think you found – you emailed me, and said, “What about this? What about this guy?” And I was like, “My gosh.” It’s like you couldn’t have asked for a better fit.


Renee: Zara is – has been working with Denise, and she does all these – all the graphics. All the beautiful graphics and everything you’ve seen.

Michael: We started this movement, it was downloaded to you. Where do you see it going next?

Renee: I think that everybody needs to put their seat belts on. Because I think this thing is going to go, I really do.

Michael: Well it’s what the world needs. I think it’s what the millennials are hungry for. They’re tired of the old kill and be killed, eye for an eye. They’re ready to lay down things, and they’re ready to give hugs. And they’re ready to do the friendship pods.

Renee: Yeah.

Michael: It’s revolutionary.

Absolutely. They’re ready.

Podcast #3 Fall, 2017