Top Publishing Houses in Texas: Beyond Publishing Leads the Way


Are you an aspiring author looking for a reliable publishing partner in Texas? Look no further! Texas is home to a vibrant publishing industry with numerous established publishing houses. One standout among them is Beyond Publishing, a full-service hybrid book publisher with a global reach, catering to authors, speakers, and experts. With a track record of publishing over 1,000 titles by authors from 64 nations, Beyond Publishing is a powerhouse in the world of book publishing and author marketing solutions. In this blog post, we will introduce you to Beyond Publishing and other notable publishing houses in Texas.


Beyond Publishing – Frisco, Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio:

Beyond Publishing is a full-service hybrid publishing company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They offer comprehensive solutions to help authors, speakers, and experts bring their literary visions to life. Beyond Publishing specializes in assisting you throughout the entire book publishing journey, from writing and editing to book cover design, marketing, and global distribution. Their team of ghostwriters, editors, book coaches, and book launch experts are ready to support you in achieving your publishing goals. Beyond Publishing goes beyond traditional publishing by offering services such as translations, eBooks, and audiobooks. They even offer a FREE book consultation valued at $500 on their website. Explore more about Beyond Publishing on their Google Business page and on their Beyond Publishing Facebook Fanpage.

University of Texas Press:

The University of Texas Press is a renowned academic and trade book publisher. They focus on scholarly works, cultural studies, and regional history, making it an essential hub for Texas literature.

TCU Press (Texas Christian University Press):

TCU Press is dedicated to publishing works of academic significance, regional history, and fine arts. It’s a prominent choice for academics and researchers.

Texas A&M University Press:

Texas A&M University Press is known for publishing high-quality scholarly and non-fiction books, with a focus on Texas history, culture, and natural sciences.

Texas Tech University Press:

Texas Tech University Press specializes in the publication of books related to the American West, including history, culture, and literature.

Trinity University Press:

Trinity University Press publishes a wide range of non-fiction titles, particularly in the fields of the environment, culture, and science.

Deep Vellum Publishing:

Deep Vellum Publishing is a notable independent press that focuses on international literature in translation. It’s a great place for readers interested in diverse voices.

Cinco Puntos Press:

Cinco Puntos Press is a well-regarded independent press known for its multicultural and bilingual children’s and adult literature.

Arte Público Press (University of Houston):

Arte Público Press specializes in Hispanic and Latino literature, making it a vital publisher for diverse voices in the literary world.

Wings Press:

Wings Press is an independent press that focuses on socially relevant literature and cultural diversity, with a strong commitment to social justice.

Ananke Press:

Ananke Press offers a range of fiction and non-fiction titles, with a mission to promote women’s voices and stories.

Texas Review Press:

Texas Review Press publishes works of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction, with a focus on emerging writers and contemporary themes.

If you’re an author or aspiring writer, you have a wealth of options to choose from in Texas. Beyond Publishing, with its impressive track record and full-service hybrid approach, is an excellent choice for authors looking to bring their work to a global audience. Beyond Publishing offers a wide array of services, from ghostwriting to marketing, to help you achieve your publishing dreams. Additionally, the diverse range of publishing houses in Texas, each with its unique focus, ensures that there’s a publisher suitable for every literary style and genre. Whether you’re an academic, a novelist, or a non-fiction writer, Texas has a publishing house waiting to help you share your stories with the world.