Editor’s Note: In a world that is unsure when venues, sporting events and large gatherings will happen again, the speaking world as we knew it has changed forever. What will the future look like for professional public speakers?

The Coronavirus has forever changed the speaking industry in the USA and around the world. Professional speakers who want to thrive in 2020 and beyond as viable, full-time professional speakers will need to innovate and innovate quickly.


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Many thought the speaking industry would die in 2008 with the economic crash.


According to the National Speaker’s Association speaking gigs and speaking income fell by 66% from 2007-2009.


Many full-time speakers transitioned into employment and left the speaking industry entirely. The smart speakers innovated by creating online courses and doing virtual events. Many of those same speakers are thriving today because they created a business model around their speaking that was:


  1. Membership Websites
  2. Coaching Programs
  3. Virtual Events
  4. Setting up Clients on Retainer

The Covid-19 crisis looks like a repeat of the financial crisis 2007-2009 is happening all over again.


There are things new and veteran speakers can do to provide real value through the crisis, gain market share and thrive in their respective niches.


7 Things Speakers can do to Thrive in spite of Coronavirus Pandemic:


  1. Launch Your Podcast or Re-Launch Your Podcast
  2. Host Guests on Your Zoom/Facebook Live or Podcast
  3. Write and Launch Another Book
  4. Turn Your Current or Previous Books Into Courses
  5. Host Virtual Events and Invite Guests
  6. Create Joint Ventures with Complimentary Businesses to Cross Promote to Each Others Lists
  7. Develop and Launch a High-he End Master-Mind Coaching Program


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