Sherman Valiente is crazy in love with animals and has the unique ability to talk to them. She is excited to spend the summer at Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital, the most famous animal hospital in the world. After getting lost in the woods, she befriends a young pangolin running from poachers and is determined to reunite the baby with his mother.


Inspired by his three daughters, Dr. Neuman wrote this book to help children have quality reading material to stimulate their brain development and stay creative. “I also wanted to encourage them to embrace the environment and all creatures and learn more about the world they live in,” said Neuman.


David has a special place in his heart for the care and healthy development of children. Tiggywinkles is his gift to kids everywhere. “Let’s create some responsible children who are socially thoughtful and mindful children who believe in Tiggywinkles and themselves,” says Dr. Neuman, who chose writing fiction to ignite the creativity of children and parents everywhere.


Tiggywinkles takes kids beyond just caring for animals, the story highlights what is possible when one girls’ love for animals goes beyond curiosity to saving the species. Tiggywinkles is the foundational book in the series.


“Magical and Marvelous Tiggywinkles is sure to become a Modern Classic!” Sarah Robb, Bestselling Author FAREWELL


“A wonderful read for children of every age.” Sharla Frost Bestselling Author of the Frogville Series


David T. Neuman, MD is the owner and clinical director of New York City’s NY Sportscare. David has always been drawn to people’s health and well-being, his primary goal as an orthopedic surgeon has been to help people diminish pain and increase the function of damaged joints.


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