World’s Youngest Motivational Speaker, Amazing John John, Takes Stage in New York at Book Expo and Book Con, Sharing the Stage with  Rick Riordan And Doing Media Interviews on Red Carpet This Year Says Publisher, Beyond Publishing

When most students are thinking of summer vacation and sitting by the pool John “Amazing John John” Humphreys will be taking the microphone shortly after one of his heroes takes the stage, that’s right Pearcy Jackson’s creator, Mr. Rick Riordan, is on stage this year again at Book Expo America in the Big Apple and his #1 fan Best-Selling Author John “Amazing John John” R.F. Humphreys won’t have to move far from the front row to the stage to share his story of motivation and optimism with the crowd.


“It’s moments like this that make what I do so enjoyable; meeting new people from all over the world, learning new things and finding out what my fellow authors are doing is the highlight of my year!” says John John. Going on to say, “I’m really excited to be meeting readers and fans at the Beyond Publishing Booth at Book Expo America and Book Con this year.”


Launching his book in November while sharing the stage with Mel Gibson, Mark Wahlberg, JT Foxx, Gene Simmons and others, John John’s new 122-page book with Beyond Publishing hit #1 on Amazon in Business Consulting and is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and countless other online retailers and stores. Ever since his launch he’s been on a mission to inspire greatness and share his BE AMAZING message with the world.


Ten-year-old John John is making his mark as the youngest motivational speaker. He has a zest for life and loves to learn new things and share them with others. At eight years old, John John partnered with international motivational speaker Mr. Les Brown. He helps to encourage positive transformation by inspiring and motivating audiences.


“What a great book, Wow congratulations you are starting early.” Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple

John John enjoys finding a balance between his speaking and acting careers. He likes to entertain and has been performing on stage with many amazing people like Mr. Les Brown, Miss Ona Brown, Mr. JT Foxx; NFL players – Frank Murphy, Ron Dixon and other Celebrity speakers. Some of his recent TV, video, and movie credits include Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits and Monsters, Reba McEntire’s music video Pray for Peace and the movies Turtle Tale, Sweet Tooth, Hiiide and go Seeeeeek! and Joel D. Wynkoop’s Nekoda.


“Wow John This is amazing! This is awesome! I wrote a book in the same way! Good job well done!John Travolta

“Wow John-John You ARE amazing!” Christie Brinkley


John John has been on numerous TV and Radio shows across the nation. He is an eloquent speaker and not shy. He has motivated professionals, sports teams, entrepreneurs, large corporations and more. John John will be conducting daily interviews in the Beyond Publishing booth with his Publisher and staff, booth 1461 in Zone 2 doing daily interviews and book signings at 11 am and 2 pm. Book Expo is May 30-June 1 and Book Con runs June 2-3 at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.


John John will be available for media interviews while in New York from May 28th to June 5.


Nicole Humphreys 727-421-2215


Available nationwide by arrangement



About “Amazing John John” Humphreys 
John R.F. Humphreys (John John) is a motivator, educator, actor, model, science kid, magician, pianist, singer, and all around happy Earthling. He is the pebble that starts the ripple that makes the wave!
At eight years old, John John partnered with Mr. Les Brown an international motivational speaker who has been named one of the top five speakers in the world. John Humphreys is a founding member of the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team.

John John recently has been involved with his speaking and acting career. He has been performing on stage with many amazing people like Mr. Les Brown, Miss Ona Brown, Mr JT Foxx, Mr. Omar Periu, NFL players like Frank Murphy, Seneca McMillan, Ron Dixon, Michael Coe, and Lee Paige. Some of his recent video and movie credits include Reba McEntire’s music video Pray for Peace, the movies Turtle Tale, Elixir Mandragora, Swift Justice, Sweet Tooth, Joel D. Wynkoop’s Nekoda and Bobcat Goldthwait’s TruTV series Misfits and Monsters.

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