How to FIND TIME TO WRITE YOUR BOOK with 13-Time Author Michelle Borquez

When it comes to getting ones book completed many things can distract, but having a book coach and a strategy can help an author complete the task in a timely manner.

Michelle’s words of wisdom are timely for the new and veteran author who need to be inspired and given practical tips on getting their manuscript to their editor and reaching their publishing deadline to bring their book to market quickly.

Michael D. Butler, CEO of Beyond Publishing interviews Michelle in Downtown McKinney, TX

Michelle Borquez and Michael D. Butler

Michelle Borquez 13-Time Author on HOW to Get Your Book Writing Done and to the Editor for Publishing

About Michelle Borquez

Finally, after five years of pursuing my own healing and restoration and wanting to see other women and men set free from the bondage that can keep us from walking out our purpose and destiny, I authored “Overcoming Seven Deadly Emotions” released September 2008! I founded Shine Magazine in 1999 and was Editor-in-Chief for eight years. The magazine was birthed out of my passion to see a women’s publication that had fashion, travel, health, focusing on women’s issues, all from a Christian world view and done with class and excellence. It was a joy to interview such amazing women and men as, First Lady Laura Bush, Kurt Warner, Delilah, Chuck and Gena Norris, and many more over the years.

“Michelle Borquez’s book is a journey that will change the way you think, feel, and believe.” 

Monica Crowley, Fox News Political and International Affairs Analyst and radio host of The Monica Crowley Show 

My passion is people, and seeing them overcome and be free from whatever is keeping them from fulfilling Gods plan and purpose. As long as I am on this earth I will give my energy to whatever I feel can help in making a difference in my life, my children’s lives, and people’s lives. This is me. I am driven for this cause! At the same time I love to have fun and live life. I tell my kids “everything in moderation except for God” (except for illegal stuff of course LOL). When it comes to God we get “God Crazy”!

I enjoy life and feel God gave us music to dance, and a voice to rejoice and sing. I think we can easily take ourselves way to serious and when I get too serious I try to sit back and laugh at myself, or the situation, and remember life is short. I spent too many years pretending to have it all together, to have all the answers, only to find out none of it is true. What I do know is true and real, is my love for Jesus and His POWERFUL Word, my friends, and my family. Life is short. Get over yourself because it is not about you, or me, but about giving, loving, trusting, being, laughing, dying to our own selfish, selfish nature and getting over pride and what “we” think we have to have. Life when challenged, when interrupted, suddenly is reduced to God, a few faithful friends and hopefully a family who loves you unconditionally.

Michelle likes to say, 

“Welcome to my crazy world filled with everything from cooking to preaching, singing to dancing, family to romance, city life to the country life. I love my life and all that it is.  

Join me right here as I share with you sweet morsels of truth, feature stories from famous and not-so- famous but yet fabulous people with success stories that will make you go “huh” or “wow” or “c’mon” and move you to tears in the process.

It’s gonna get crazy up in here with fabulouso food, fierce faith, cool fashion, and fantastic fun with some awesome people!  I’ve spent my life building bridges, creating on canvases with colorful broad strokes, thus my very diverse areas of interest and life-giving heart to give back with sheer love and excitement.” 

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