3 Sure Fire Tips To Heat Up Your Author Book Sales


So it’s Labor Day weekend and one of the best times of year to launch a new book. Here are 3 tips to get you started on the road to selling more books!

1) Start a new book, that’s right no better time to begin a new book than on a Holiday (of course do your research first to see if there is demand for your book and how many people have already written on your topic) (Published Labor Day weekend 9/3/17)

2) Do a Facebook LIVE at the family BBQ, this is always fun, it seems Facebook LIVES and Instagram lives that involve fire, food, smoke and holidays get more traction (maybe make it a behind the scenes of your interesting family, I’m sure they won’t mind you filming the family event since after all they are supportive of your book plans right? To clarify, by smoke and fire I don’t mean let uncle Louie blow cigar smoke in your face this time.)

3) Back to writing. Tweet us some pics of your dog watching you pound it out at the computer giving you the, “are there anymore leftovers from the BBQ look?” We love the “Behind the Scenes” Director’s cut of your “Why I wrote the Book” from the green room especially on Holidays! Nothing says “I’M SERIOUS” and holds an author accountable to their tribe like coming out of the closet with the new book title on a HOLIDAY!!!

Enjoy Your Labor Day!!! Who knows…..I just might be showing up in your Facebook feed tomorrow and I’ll for sure be watching for yours!

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Video Transcript:

When it comes to getting your brand, book and business noticed online nothing is more important than video marketing with social media.

It’s noisy and busy out there in the market, how will your brand, book and business get noticed?

On Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Snapchat, Google and Vine video is the best way to get impressions, clicks and eyeballs on your stuff but remember something VERY IMPORTANT….

THE AVERAGE HUMAN HAS A 7 SECOND attention span while the AVERAGE GOLDFISH has an 8 second attention span so if you are marketing with video keep it short!

Winning the Attention Span Wars – Getting Your Videos Noticed

Using the Invite| Engage| Grow| Broadcast™ Author Formula to Successfully Launch Your Book

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Best Seller Status™ Becoming a Best-Selling Author in the Digital Age by Best-Selling Author Michael D. Butler

Best Seller Status™ Becoming a Best-Selling Author in the Digital Age by Best-Selling Author Michael D. Butler

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