When it comes to launching your book, traditional book launch formulas alone no longer work. A strategic combination of online and offline techniques need to be employed 12 months prior to your book launch to ensure the most effective book launch and maximum number of book sales.

The Internet has changed everything about making your book a best seller. Like the invention of the Printing Press bringing civilization out of the Dark Ages, the Internet is making it possible to leverage Best Seller Status™ for authors who are willing to learn, understand and employ solid book launch strategies.

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Social Media

Social Media is not new. Only the Internet is. People have been social since the dawn of civilization. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, instagram, WordPress, Pinterest, Goodreads are simply a handful of social media platforms that best selling authors will want to be active and engaged on. Having a working knowledge of the most up-to-date, industry best practices for best selling authors is essential.

Online PR – Press Release Distribution

PR has evolved over time, especially with the Internet. Having a comprehensive strategy from the beginning is fundamental for best seller success. We have the best options for getting you picked up and interviewed in the media.

Website Design and Search Engine Optimization

If a book cover sells books, a Website can multiply your books sales or diminish sells 100 times over. We not only make your Website look great, we help you get thousands of fans before your book even launches. Using the power of WordPress and Search Engine Optimization we help you own your keywords and create a platform you, as an author, can monetize for life.

This helps people find you based on keywords. So if you’ve written a consumer based topical book, you and your book get found. If you are a speaker or expert; you get found based on the blog articles and videos we optimize for you.

Award Winning Book Cover Designs

Dr. Stephen Covey said “Begin with the end in mind.” At  we coach our author clients to begin with the book cover in mind. There is a science to book cover design. Our experienced team will help you feel the luxury of your new brand and help you own your brand with confidence and elegance. Picking a Best Selling Book cover on the fly has never been easier!

Best Seller Buzz on Social Media

Let’s face it – it takes A LOT of people talking about your book and your book launch to create Best Seller Status™ But the more influential people we can get talking about your book early; before, during and after the launch, the more successful your book launch can be. Leveraging your unique brand using our Proprietary Invite/Engage/Grow/Broadcast™ & Proprietary Photo Marketing Strategy™

“The best  time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time to plant a tree is TODAY!”   Chinese Proverb

Here’s how it works:

  • Re-Purpose & broadcast – We repurpose your content into ‘short form content’ Using your keyword rich content. We make it compelling and unique with clear CALLS TO ACTION and periodically broadcasting at optimal times. (author approves all content before it is scheduled)
  • Identify and connect with your target market in your geography and niche based on your keywords and location preferences. Disconnecting with those who are inactive, spammy or not engaged in your brand (this makes room for new and authentic and loyal brand lovers)
  • Reply and Report – We track, report results to authors in real-time with 24/7 insight link from several free reporting softwares and provide a set of several dozen replies (pre-approved by the author) to go out automatically.

This is a nice balance of ‘set it and forget it’ automation with enough organic interaction and growth to produce desirable results for the author over time. Of course, it is ALWAYS best if authors themselves are engaged with their followers as they build their tribe. Our proprietary software is effective in maximizing real time human interaction and growth while making the best leveraged use of your time and our software. Our author strategy and marketing includes our Proprietary Invite/Engage/Grow/Broadcast™ & Proprietary Photo Marketing Strategy™ on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube and Google+
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HOW FAST DO YOU WANT TO GET ‘THERE’? The math is simple, if you want to achieve Best Seller Status™ quicker it takes more work and more people talking about you and your book Online. 


Once upon a time….authors thought “If I could just get my book into the bookstores it will become a best seller” Not only was this idea WRONG it was incorrect because buyers have moved to Online buying.

With nearly 1 million new books being published in the United States each year it’s getting so noisy in the publishing and book selling space. It’s getting much harder for the NEW AUTHORS to stand out and for their books to GET NOTICED!

Author Testimonials Beyond Publishing

Our authors are getting noticed and selling books in this ‘post Borders era’ of the Internet.

Authors MUST have engaged online communities in order to become a BEST SELLER! ~ Michael D. Butler

YOUR BOOK launch deserves to be handled with experienced social media, public relations and Book Launch Experts™ We’ve designed these packages to fit any author and any budget. Check them out for yourself and measure the difference with our team of Book Launch Experts™

Your ‘tribe’ and Online community of fans that are most likely  to buy, share and talk about your book are already Online and already part of an engaged community.

We help you find them 12 months BEFORE your book launches. These are the same proprietary Online strategies that have worked for dozens of our authors for years.

HOW FAST  they want to GET to Best Seller Status™

In addition to the above monthly month-to-month marketing our most popular ala carte items to assist in ramping up for book launch:

Press Kit Creation

Speaker Sizzle Reel|Author Book Trailer 

Media Placement

Professional Press Releases

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Amazon Best Seller Campaign        We’ve helped many authors achieve Best Seller Status™ and we can help you too!

Amazon Best Seller

Author Book Signings & Red Carpet Events – We host a number of live local, regional and a few national events, New York, LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, events BEYOND PUBLISHING authors get first right of refusal on participating, speaking, co-hosting, attending, being featured, selling their books, etc, based on their previous 12 months book sales and marketing ad spend.

Chinese Proverb: “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the 2nd best time is TODAY!”

When do you see yourself getting started?

beyond publishing social media