As I’ve traveled to 30+ countries I’m always amazed at the women I meet and to hear their amazing stories from all over the globe. They are truly inspiring. I’ve long wanted to publish a book of immigrant stories to motivate, educate and inspire other young women around the globe. To demonstrate that truly anything is possible. In the summer of 2022 we are launching Powerful Female Immigrants. I’ve wanted to publish a book like this for a long time….If this resonates with you, read on….

      • Be Inspired By Their Stories

      • Learn the Secrets of Their Strength

      • Find Wisdom and Courage to Chart Your Course and Create a New Life


  • Women who are first-generation immigrants with a powerful story

  • Women who want to make an impact with their message on a global stage

  • Women who are willing to invest in themselves and committed to sharing the book with their tribe

Deadline for application and chapter submission is June 30th.


Here’s What You Get:

Your Chapter Featured in a Bestselling Book that will be selling globally.

Your 2,500 word chapter, photo and bio will be featured as well as your photo on the back cover of the book.

You will achieve the title of Bestselling Author and can use that title for a lifetime.

Be a part of our launch event in Dallas Texas in our TV Studio August 5th

Get headshots from our professional photographer, Yours to keep.

The powerful network of the other co-Authors promoting your chapter as well as theirs.

Paperback and Hardcover books at wholesale to sell at retail (co-Authors keep 100% of markup)

Book is available for bookstores and book signings.

See if you qualify by jumping on Michael D Butler’s calendar at

Powerful Female Immigrants Book – Amazing Stories – the Women Who Changed History – Published By Beyond Publishing Dallas Texas