Are you a Fiction or a Non-Fiction Author?

Gone are the days of throwing your book up on a bookstore retail shelf and become an overnight instant best selling sensation are long over, unless of course someone in hollywood buys your story and makes a movie (sure that can help)

Book publishing has become a noisy industry. With over one million new isbn’s (International Standard Book Numbers issued in the USA alone each year according to it’s getting harder and harder for the new author to get their message, cause and book noticed. So the timing of a book launch could not be more critical than ever in this “Post-Border’s” era we are in called the digital age.

Authors ask me all the time: “When is the best time of year to launch my book?”

The answer is: That really depends. It doesn’t matter fully if it is fiction or non-fiction or what genre your book is.

When it comes to launch your book – Some questions to ask yourself are:

  1. What is your Klout Score?
  2. How engaged is your social media tribe?
  3. How big is your email list?
  4. How responsive is your email list?
  5. What is your conversion rate?
  6. How many joint venture partners do you have?
  7. Are you a speaker?
  8. How many speaking gigs do you have scheduled for the next 12 months?
  9. How active is your Author YouTube channel?
  10. Do you have an active PR (Public Relations campaign scheduled?)

There is a science to launch your book effectively.

It really is a mathematical algorithm. Leveraging the social graph, seeing your content go viral, getting other talking about your, leveraging Google trends, etc…Stay tuned for more, next week we talk about leveraging movies in Hollywood to strategically time your book release. I’m a big fan of a system our team created around the triple push book launch that involves the strategic release of your e-book, pre-release of your print book advance reader copy and the global distribution of your second edition print copy into book stores, libraries and multiple distribution outlets. Reach out to us at the contact number below and let’s discuss how that would look with your book launch.




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