In this video Michael D. Butler, Book Launch Expert with helps you PRE MARKET your book by framing your story in the manuscript for fiction and non-fiction authors.

Telling Your Story as an Author: I Stuttered as a Child and Here’s HOW It Leveraged Me For Success

Asking you two very important questions. Is your book something people want to read? And is your book your expertise, your passion or your lifelong study?

In my new series, BOOKS ON THE BEACH I will show authors how to take their book from their heart, their head and their computer to the world!

Statistically, new self published authors make less than $500 according to The Guardian.

Many new and veteran authors overlook the potential power of social media when it comes to creating Online tribes and finding book buyers and book reviewers. While social media as a sales channel can bring disappointing results, authors who see social media as an Online COMMUNITY with mutual contribution and not merely a broadcast microphone will see better results says Author Social Media firm M3 New Media.

“The fact is even WRITING THE MANUSCRIPT is marketing. As authors we have to THINK about marketing when we are writing our books.” Michael D. Butler

Too many new authors are disappointed with their book launch because they don’t do the things necessary to create a BEST-SELLER BEFORE book launch. It takes a good 24-36 months of “pre-marketing” to get a book ready for BEST-SELLER STATUS. Authors who short-circuit these steps will be disappointed when their book does not hit the targeted Best-Seller list. In this video I talk about “pre-marketing” with story telling and how important YOUR story is to your books success!

You MUST see this video with TIPS to help YOU sell more books with YOUR STORY

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